Training as a Pastoral Supervisor

The Pastoral Supervision training program of Transforming Practices Inc. is recognised by AAOS (Australasian Association of Supervision.)

Pastoral Supervisors who have completed their training with Transforming Practices are also recognised as Supervisors with AAOS and as Senior Accredited Supervisors with APSE ( Association of Pastoral Supervision and Education – UK)

The Supervisor Training Program will begin Friday 7th October with a Portfolio of Learning Workshop 

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Becoming a TP member through prior learning for those already AAOS members

Professional Development half days
            (for Supervisors and Supervisor-in-training or seeking recognition with AAOS)

Facilitated Group Supervision for associate members
            (for Supervisor-in-training or seeking recognition with AAOS)



What is the pathway to recognition as a Pastoral Supervisor?

The supervisory training program begins with the Portfolio of Learning Details

For pre-requisites see application form

See full details below

Transforming Practices an incorporated association of autonomous practitioners who foster personal and social transformation through their skills in adult education, mediation, spiritual direction, and pastoral and professional supervision.

The Pastoral Supervision training program of Transforming Practices Inc. is recognised as a training program by AAOS (Australasian Association of Supervision.)
Practitioners in Transforming Practices Inc. are Supervisors recognised by AAOS.

AAOS (Australasian Association of Supervision) is an association of practitioners involved in the work of supervision and allied professions. It is a network for professionals to promote quality through establishing criteria for the skills, attitudes, knowledge and ethical practice that members are expected to bring to their practice.

Training with Transforming Practices Inc as a Pastoral Supervisor

Supervisory Training with Transforming Practice Inc. is directed towards equipping practitioners with knowledge, skills and personal integration appropriate to the practice of Pastoral Supervision.
If a practitioner wishes to begin the process of pastoral supervisory training within Transforming Practices Inc. 

The practitioner must:

  • normally have at least 5 years pastoral ministry experience or equivalent face to face working with people in a helping profession.

  • 21 hours of pastoral supervision with a qualified supervisor over a three year period prior to application for training

After acceptance of the application (see application form), the applicant may then attend a Portfolio of Learning Workshop.

The Portfolio of Learning Workshop, presented by Transforming Practices Inc., may be taken to enable a practitioner to apply for recognition as a Supervisor (AAOS) without any further involvement in the Transforming Practices Inc. Supervisory Training Program.

At the completion of the Portfolio of Learning, an applicant seeking acceptance into the Transforming Practices Inc. training program needs to complete the following requirements before being recommended for Supervisor status to AAOS.

The requirements for completion within the Transforming Practices Inc. training program will be:  

  • 72 hours guided integration of supervisory theory and practice (Transforming Practices Inc. will offer at least 45 hours within this requirement)

  • 15 hours of individual supervision on supervisory practice, as well as 4 x 3 hours of group supervision

  • 120 hours of case work practice

AAOS requirements:

The following training is necessary for membership as a supervisor with AAOS 
(Australian Association of Supervisors)

The applicant must have at least:
  • five years of clinical experience

  • 21 hours of professional supervision with a qualified supervisor over a three year period prior to application for membership and have completed:

    • 72 hours guided integration of supervisory theory and practice

    • 15 hours of individual supervision on supervisory practice

    • 80 hours of supervised case work practice
  • verification of Professional Indemnity cover is required
    STEP 1:  The Portfolio of Learning  Details

    The Portfolio of Learning is normally to be completed before commencement of formal supervisory training or continuing supervisory training within Transforming Practices Inc. 

    The Portfolio of Learning provides a basis for determining the path of initial training or ongoing training that needs to be completed before applying for recognition as a Supervisor AAOS. It also facilitates the applicant’s assembly of evidence for a claim for Recognition of Prior Learning.

    Completion of the Portfolio of Learning workshop leading to recognition provides an experience of coaching for participants.  Through completing the Portfolio of Learning document, the participant gains knowledge, skills and personal awareness that will benefit his/her supervisory practice. 

    The Portfolio of Learning process involves a workshop, followed by ongoing consultation and support by members of the Transforming Practices Inc. Supervisory Training Committee in preparing the Portfolio
      •   either for an application for recognition as Supervisor with AAOS
      •  if training is desired in Pastoral Supervision, for presentation of the Portfolio of Learning to determine the applicant’s suitability to commence supervisory training.
    The Portfolio of Learning is to be completed within 3 months from the date of the workshop.

    Three copies of the Portfolio of Learning are to be forwarded to an appointed Supervisory Training Committee. The Portfolio of Learning will be reviewed by the Transforming Practices Inc. Supervisory Training Committee.

    STEP 2:  Acceptance for Training and Pathway Agreement 

    Members of the Transforming Practices Inc. Supervisory Training committee will interview each applicant shortly after the Portfolio of Learning has been received. 

    The purpose of this meeting is :

    • to discuss/clarify issues arising from the Portfolio of Learning process and to propose recommendations for ongoing learning

    • to have a conversation to discern the readiness of the applicant to move forward into Supervisory Training
    • to have a conversation about the training pathway including any recognition of prior learning as seen in the Portfolio of Learning.

    Once the Transforming Practices Inc. Supervisory Training Committee has received and considered the required documents, and met with the applicant, it will make recommendations for the future pathway in pastoral supervisory training. Once agreement on the pathway is reached in negotiation with the applicant, the Committee will invite the applicant to commence training with Transforming Practices Inc. as an Associate Supervisor.

    STEP 3: The applicant will then personally:

    • Arrange Professional Indemnity cover. If a person already has professional indemnity for their work as an associate supervisor provided through their employment, or has arranged it through membership within a professional organisation, verification of this is to be provided to the Transforming Practices Inc. Supervisory Training Committee and AAOS.

    An applicant for Associate Supervisor status who chooses to arrange for their own Professional Indemnity is required to provide verification.

    Professional Indemnity cover is compulsory for an applicant to commence supervisory training within Transforming Practices Inc.

    • In April each year till recognition by Transforming Practices Inc. as a Pastoral Supervisor and AAOS as a Supervisor, the Trainee Supervisor is to send to the Transforming Practices Inc. Supervisory Training Registrar:

      i)   A copy of their current  AAOS Registration Certificate as an Associate Supervisor 


     ii)   Professional Indemnity verification


    iii)   Name and qualifications of their supervisor-trainer for supervisory practice for the current year.


    iv)   Supervisory work being undertaken in the current year.

    The Supervisory Training Registrar of Transforming Practices Inc. is:

                   John Collins              
                   Supervisory Training Registrar
                   Transforming Practices Inc. 

    Once all the relevant documentation has been received and acknowledged a Trainee Supervisor is eligible to engage in supervisory practice with:

    • individual clients referred to them for supervision

    • co-supervise in group supervision sessions

    • other supervisory activities offered by other Pastoral Supervisors within Transforming Practices Inc.

    At the completion of:
    • 45 hours of the core modules of supervisory theory and practice
    • 100 hours of supervisory practice
    • 10 hours of supervision on supervisory practice

    Trainee Supervisors can then charge a fee for their services with individual clients.

    If a Trainee Supervisor joins with a Transforming Practices Inc. qualified supervisor-trainer in a program that the supervisor-trainer is conducting – no fee for service will be paid to the Trainee Supervisor as this work is to be counted as part of the educational process offered in the supervisory training.

    STEP 4: Commencement of Supervisory Training

    i)    Supervisory Theory

    • 72 hours of integrated learning in pastoral supervisory theory / practice is required.

    • 45 hours of the required supervisory theory and practice training is to be undertaken through Transforming Practices Inc. modules if an associate supervisor wishes to practice as a Pastoral Supervisor. At the completion of training and once registered by AAOS as a Supervisor, the graduate can then apply for membership of Transforming Practices Inc. if they desire.

    • 27 hours of training in integrated theory and practice related to supervisory practice may be taken through other supervisory training programs recognised by AAOS.

    Transforming Practices Inc. will offer 3 (15 hour core) modules over 2 years.

    ii)    Supervision of Supervisory practice for Trainee Supervisors
    • 10 hours of personal supervision with a Transforming Practices Inc. qualified supervisor trainer is required. (A supervisor trainer with Transforming Practices Inc. has at least 5 years of supervisory practice.)
    • 5 hours of personal supervision with an external qualified supervisor is recommended but not essential. This external supervisor must have experience as a supervisor trainer.

    A  Trainee Supervisor is also to complete 4 x 3 hour sessions of group supervision facilitated by a supervisor trainer. The total number of supervisory hours on supervisory practice to be completed within Transforming Practices Inc. is 21 hours.  Trainee Supervisors are to provide verification of the supervisory qualifications of their supervisor to the Transforming Practices Inc. Training Registrar.

    iii)   120 hours case work to be completed before registration with AAOS

    By December 15, each year, the Trainee Supervisor will inform the Transforming Practices Inc. Training Registrar
    • the number of hours of supervised individual and peer group supervisory case work completed in the calendar year by the Trainee Supervisor
    • a statement to verify the number of hours of personal supervision received by the trainee supervisor for the above casework. This is to be signed by the trainee supervisor’s personal supervisor and included with the other documents.
    The ratio of personal supervision to casework is one supervision hour for ten casework hours.  Group supervision is noted as half of an hour.

    STEP 5: Completion of Supervisory Training

    Integrative Statement:

    A Trainee Supervisor who has completed all the training requirements set out in STEP 4 is required to present an Integrative Statement to the Education Committee for their consideration and recognition of supervisory training. This Statement complements the Learning Agreement that was negotiated between the Trainee Supervisor and the Education Committee at the commencement of training.

    • The Integrative Statement will normally be a written document (2000-2500 words) suitable for publication or presentation to the community of Pastoral Supervisory Practice.  The Trainee Supervisor may find it helpful to consult with a member of the Education Committee in developing the Integrative Statement.
    • The Statement is to allow the Trainee Supervisor to articulate and reflect critically on some examples of personal or professional integration as a supervisor through Transformative Learning that they engaged in during the Supervisory Training Program.
    • The Statement ought also to show the Trainee understands  his/her role in fostering Transformative Learning in supervisees.
    • The Trainee Supervisor is expected to make reference to relevant ethical and theological dimensions of her/his learning process.
     (An outline to assist in writing this paper is at the end of this section)

    STEP 6: Presentation to Education Committee

    1.     AAOS renewal of membership needs to be up to date and forwarded to the Registrar of Transforming Practices Inc. before making the final presentation.

    2.     All elements of the training program need to be completed and recorded in the log book. 

    3.     A letter is to be forwarded to the Registrar of Transforming Practices Inc. indicating completion all of the requirements and requesting to present the final paper and log book to an Education Committee.

    4.     The Registrar will set up a committee and give the person the date of the meeting and the names of the three people to whom the paper is to be forwarded.  The log book can be sent to the Registrar.

    5.     Once the committee has made their recommendations the decision will be taken to the next TP Management Committee for approval or further recommendations.  The trainee supervisor will be notified of this date and the outcome of the meeting.

    6.     At the completion of all of the above steps, a trainee supervisor can then apply to AAOS for membership as a supervisor.

    7.     Transforming Practices Inc. will provide each trainee supervisor with a transcript of learning.

    8.     The Application form for membership to AAOS as a Supervisor is obtained from AAOS.  Transforming Practices Inc. will complete the section of the form verifying completion of the requirements.

    9.     When approved by AAOS, Transforming Practices Inc. will issue a certificate of completion of supervisory training. Forms to update to AAOS Supervisor status will be presented to the newly accredited AAOS Supervisor at the next gathering of Transforming Practices Inc. supervisors.

    10.   Transforming Practices Inc. will also issue a certificate of recognition to the newly
                   accredited AAOS Supervisor as a Pastoral Supervisor.

    Fees for Transforming Practices Inc. Supervisor Training   
    •    Portfolio of Learning – pre-requisite  $300
    •    Fee per module for an individual $500 
    •   Annual Fee for 3 modules paid in advance $1,200
    •   21 hours personal supervision fees are paid directly to the supervisor trainer.

    •  The above cost is based on the expectation that training will take place over 

     at least a period of  two years.

    AAOS fees:  Associate Member current fee + Professional Indemnity cost to be paid
    each year for registration as an Associate Member.

    Training Modules: 

    (The order of these modules may be varied in order to meet the needs of participants in the Supervisory Training Program.)

    Module 1:   Pastoral Supervision Theory and Practice 1 (compulsory)

    •     The supervisor as adult learner and educator
    •     An Introduction to Transformative Learning Theory and Practice
    •     Supervision experience for participants in small groups
    Module 2:   Pastoral Supervision Theory and Practice 2  (compulsory)

    •     Ethical standards and practice
    •     Articulation of practitioner’s own ethical principles
    •     Appropriate boundaries in practice
    •     Professional practice/policies – ethics, contracts, record keeping
    •     Supervision experience for participants in small group

    Module 3:    Pastoral Supervision Theory and Practice 3 (compulsory)

    • Pastoral Supervision – supervision practice and spirituality in multi-faith contexts, theological reflection, spirituality of supervision

    • Supervision experience for participants in small groups                    

    Optional one day modules

    Module 4:   Pastoral Supervision Theory and Practice 4  
    •   Systems theory, working in teams
    •   Individual, team, organisation, contexts
    •   Structural analysis in supervision

    Module 5:   Pastoral Supervision Theory and Practice 5

    • Working with people from other systems of meaning including, cultures and religions

    Module 6:    Pastoral Supervision Theory and Practice 6 
    •   The use of media in supervisory practice

    How to Apply for Supervisory Training

    For any enquiries about further training please email: 

            John Collins -